Six Pack Flat Ball Swing Training Aid       "Hit it Pure with Flatball!"

When you get good at hitting the Flatball, you will never hit a real golf ball "Fat" or "Thin" again!

The Flatball is great for full swing practice indoors or out!

Soft flexible material allows you to practice indoors without worrying about damage to walls or furniture.

Flat Ball 6 Pack Training AidHow it Work:

  • A regular golf ball is 1-5/8" in diameter so your clubhead can be anywhere up to 1-5/8" above the ground and you will still hit the ball
  • The Flatball is only ¼" high so your clubhead must be that close to the ground in order to hit it. This helps you eliminate a "Thin" swing
  • If your club head hits the ground before the Flatball, the golf club willusually skip right over the Flatball without hitting it. This helps you eliminate a "Fat" swing
  • Only by directly hitting the ¼" high side of the Flatball will the golfer send the Flatball flying


  • Made of soft flexible thermoplastic rubber
  • Does not go far, will not keep rolling like a regular practice golf balls


Six Pack Flatball Quantity:

Flat Ball 

Flat Ball Training AidDirections for use:

  1. Place the Flatball on a golf mat or carpeted surface

  2. Swing and hit the Flatball like you would a real golf ball

  3. If you miss the Flatball completely - your swing is too thin!

  4. If the Flatball goes straight up in the air, your clubhead has come down on top of the Flatball - your swing is to thin!

  5. If you hear your clubhead hit the mat or carpet but the Flatball doesn't move, (or just rolls along the floor) you have hit the mat or carpet in front of the Flatball - your swing is too Fat!